Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big Ideas of the Bible

The following is a revised form of an outline I've been using for the last few years to help us see the key ideas that are taught in Scripture (and assumed everywhere in Scripture, even where not explicitly taught).  Notice that under the seven main headings I have listed some of the most important implications for each heading. The impetus for this outline was a 2005 conversation with Dr. James Buskirk, my former pastor.

The “Big Ideas” of the Bible (Arden C. Autry, PhD, June 2011)

   --monotheism (one will as Source of all)
   --spiritual significance of material world; God's will to bless creation
   --humanity in God's image,
           with capacity for relationships of love and will
   --orderly, “lawful” world (e.g., sowing & reaping)
                       [purposeful narrative]
   --The Fall; brokenness, corruption
   --created wills choosing against the Creator's will [narrative of loss]
   --redemption, atonement, reclaiming, healing of broken relationships
   --remnant saved to reach the rest (evangelistic imperative)
   --promise of Creator's purpose being realized [narrative of promise]
(God's promise elicits faith, hope, and love.)
   --ordered relationship between sovereign God and
           responsible humanity
   --God's initiative in election; human response of faith and obedience
   --redeeming relationships, provided by grace, dependent on
   --revealed and lived out in history of Israel and the church
   --life of purpose; Creator/Redeemer's intention revealed (revelation)
   --context of promise/fulfillment
   --context of love/grace and commitment/faithfulness
           [journey narrative]
   --God's Word made flesh, ultimate, definitive revelation,
                  covenant embodied
   --fully God, fully human (Emmanuel, God and humanity reconciled)
   --He makes our story his story,
          so that he can make his story our story.
   --fulfillment of creation/redemption narrative assured
                   What Adam was created to be,
                   What Abraham/Israel was called to be,
                   That's what Christ incarnate is.
                   That's what we are in Christ (the body of Christ). 
                            [credit N.T. Wright]
Communion Community
   --It takes the whole covenant people of God to inherit and
          exhibit the promises and fulfillment of God focused in Christ.
          [His narrative becomes ours.]
   --love within the church
   --love for the world (from God)
   --belonging to God and one another in the Holy Spirit,
         who makes Jesus known
(The one, true Holy Spirit is known
             [1] by whom he makes known
       and [2] by the connections he creates.)
   --Kingdom of God (God's purposes by his power), already and not yet
   --hope energizing the present faith/fulness (future shaping the present)
   --resurrection life now and future
   --judgment, ultimate resolution of justice
   --glory of God manifested
   --creation healed
   --One will realized and glorified by all
           [creation/redemption narrative complete]

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