Monday, January 17, 2011

Christian Use of Scripture

The following notes are from the class I taught last week at First United Methodist Church in Tulsa, OK.  (Actually it was a bit of a review from last autumn's class.)

Keys to the Christian use of Holy Scripture:

1. Know what the Bible is about:

God—the hero of the whole story
and the hero of my story.

2. Know who Jesus is:

eternal Son of God incarnate,
fully God and fully human.

3. Acknowledge the comprehensive power of Jesus’ death.

4. Acknowledge the comprehensive power and presence of Jesus’ life.

5. Allow the Holy Spirit who inspired Scripture
 to guide and apply your use of the Bible
according to the first four points.

A Crucified Creator
            rules over a cross-marked creation,
                        where resurrection resonates.

Jesus bears in his scarred body
            the marks of every evil ever done,
                        every evil ever suffered.

Jesus shows in his risen body
            the victory over every evil ever done,
                        every evil ever suffered.

Events of the past
(cross & rising of the Creator/Redeemer)
defining the present,
determining the future.

His defining presence is available to all,
            and all may let his presence define them.

Who/what defines you?
Who/what tells you who you are
                        and what you’re worth?